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Internship from September to December

Mme Solène GUYOT - Bac+2 - Economie et gestion

Solène Guyot

Mme Solène GUYOT

  • Age :
  • Localisation :
    France (75013)


Référence : 571f1d11d7417

  • Catégorie d'école : Economie et gestion
  • Ecole : IPAG Business School
  • Niveau d'études : Bac+2
Stage recherché
  • Fonction : Communication
  • Démarrage : Septembre
  • Durée : plus de 2 mois
  • Type de contrat : Stage conventionné
Objectif de la mission

As a current undergraduate student in 2nd year at IPAG Business School, I am looking for an internship from September to December 2016. I believe that my achievements, education and diverse work experiences have prepared me well for an internship in your company.

I mainly study and practice the following subjects: Law, Marketing, Management and Human Resources. This is why an internship in one of these fields would allow me to apply my concrete knowledge in many subjects from a theoretical point of view.

Thanks to my previous work experience, in Costa Croisières, as a business assistant, I had the opportunity to learn more about communication and tourism world. During my internship in January 2015, as a Sales Advisor, I have demonstrated my collaborative skills and the ability to work well in a team environment. Since all activities I apply for require team members to coordinate and interact with individuals and agencies, I am confident that my strong communication and people skills will be a valuable asset.

I can assure you that I would be an energetic and committed participant in this interesting internship.

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