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consultant analyste

Mme TK


Mme TK

  • Age :
  • Localisation :
    Tunisie (6100)


Référence : 5b0c8af1a5697

Stage recherché
  • Fonction : Analyste financier
  • Durée : plus de 2 mois
  • Type de contrat : Stage conventionné
  • Rémunération : Plus de 800 Euros
Objectif de la mission

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am an engineer student in advanced technologies, specialized industrial systems and
competitiveness. In september 2018 i will be in my last year and I am interested in doing my
end-of-studies internship in the industrial field from February 2019 .
Thanks to the numerous courses and trainings, I have acquired various skills and I have been
trained in a variety of subjects including: Lean Management ;six sigma,operational research,,
project management, numerical methods and optimization, Management of databases , and
more subjects for the next year .Using my knowledge of the above, I did two Final projects of
the year the first one was entitled ” Optimizing an orbiting satellite using MATLAB" and the
second one was about “voice controlled robot (raspberry pi)”. And two other projects for the
school : « WEB Site for students » and « University Chatbot »
Added to that, as chief communications officer of Go Discover Tunisia, I handled many
responsibilities. Being confident and sociable enabled me to organize many events in our
school. Always dreaming of a better world, I really wish to implement the skills I have
acquired. This Internship will not be only a big chance for me to broaden my expertise but
also it will make me a step closer to seeing my dream come true. Having the ability to adapt
easily in any situation and to integrate with new people, I strongly believe that an internship in
your organization will provide me with the opportunity to expend my personal experience,
upgrade my skills and deepen my knowledge. Accepting me in your company will be
beneficial for both because I intend to add a valuable change while those months. Thank you
for your consideration and time. I look forward to your positive response.

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